Moving back to Canada

Hi everyone.  For those who are still checking this site – we are moving back to Canada.  Anna’s Mom has some health issues so we have made the tough decision to relocate so that she can move in with us.  We are based in Markham, Ontario (just outside of Toronto).  All our NZ phone numbers will still reach us (just try not to call us after 5pm NZ time).  We still have our businesses in NZ so Peter will be back a couple of times a year.

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This blog is sooooo inactive

OK – it’s official.  Since Facebook came along we haven’t been updating this site.  If you want to connect with us or find out what’s happening you might want to search for us on Facebook (not that we update that very often, but it’s more regular than here – that’s for sure!!).

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Recent Activity

OK, so we’re not good bloggers.  We go months (well, more than a year actually).  So for all those who are not in touch regularly, here’s the 10 second version of what’s been happening in the last 18 months since our big trip.

We made the difficult decision to step down from LifeSwitch at the end of last year after four years there.  This relieved some stress, but created lots more.  We decided to purchase a business from a friend who was moving to Auckland, so are now full-time business owners struggling to make things work in a tough economic climate.  The business is Copy Express in Petone, a digital print centre.  We have also rebranded our accounting work as Business Express and plan to bring the two together into a one-stop business support centre.  It’s scary stuff as there are many months where we don’t get paid!  But God is good and we continue to exist!

Kids are now in school.  We made that decision early this year as Anna’s health was not getting any better and she was struggling with energy levels and handling the demands of being at home all day with the kids (translation – if she had stayed Home Schooling Peter was afraid he would come home one day and find Anna rocking in the back yard in a pool of blood!).  Rachel is really taking well to school, but Becky would rather be at home.  Ruth is in Kindy and Reuben is in part-time day care while Anna works.

We have discovered that Reuben is allergic to diary and gluten (and a bunch of other stuff).  This makes meals really difficult.  the poor boy exists on plain rice crackers, rice and a limited range of noodles!  He eats meat and veggies, but sometimes just doesn’t want to!!

That’s it for now – email us for more info, or wait another year for an update!!!

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Our Great Big Holiday

We have embarked on our great big North American holiday,  We are taking the kids (yes, all four of them) to the US and Canada for six weeks.  The primary purpose is to show Ruth and Reuben off to family in Toronto and celebrate Anna’s Dad’s 77th birthday, but we are also using the time to visit old friends and the places we have lived.

Even though we’re away for six weeks it will still feel like a fairly rushed trip.  There is a lot of flying, end even more driving to be done.  The rough outline is as follows:

  • June 18 – fly from Wellington to Auckland (1 hour), and then immediately on to Vancouver (13 hours).
  • June 18-26 – staying in Vancouver with our old neighbours, Mark & Cathy
  • June 26 – fly to Toronto (4.5 hours) and immediately drive to Sudbury, Ontario (4.5 hours)
  • June 27-28 – stay in Sudbury and have a reunion with Anna’s bridal party (Christine, Lea & Marian and their families – 20 people all together including 13 children!)
  • June 29-30 – Drive from Sudbury to Calais, Maine (17 hours)
  • July 1-3 – Stay with the Gentry family (friends we met when we lived in Vancouver)
  • July 4 – Drive from Maine to New Jersey (11 hours)
  • July 5-17 – Stay with the Fosses in Cranbery
  • July 18 – Drive to Toronto (9 hours)
  • July 19 – Aug 2 – Stay with Anna’s Brother and family in Toronto area
  • August 2 – fly from Toronto to Vancouver, Auckland and on to Wellington.

Yes, we must be crazy!  We will post some updates along the way.  We apologise now if we don’t get to see you while in town.  Please email if you want to make contact with us.

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Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year everyone! Wow! Has this year gone by quickly (I think we say that almost every year but it is especially true this year)! We realize that we have left many gaps for 2008 and hope to fills some of them in so check our website in a month or two for additional updates.

It has been a year of many firsts for us.

We became the parents of FOUR children! We now have the privilege of raising three girls and one boy (the first grandson on both sides of the family).

Dec 2008 Sisters

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Late Summer Holiday (March 2008)

We decided to take a holiday before the baby’s arrival in June as it would probably be a while before we could get away again.

We spent three days in Napier and then five days in Waikanae. It was a great combination of some sightseeing and some time just to relax (much to Peter’s relief).

r1-jumping-lrgWe stayed at Kennedy Park in Napier and because we were traveling at a time when children had just returned to school, we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Kennedy Park has a great facility and it was a fantastic place to stay for the ages of our children. We were able to stay in a two-bedroom unit right across from the big outdoor play area. We even let Rachel and Becky play out there by themselves while we sat inside enjoying a book – and we could still keep an eye on them! That was the best part! The girls loved playing on all the equipment but their favourite was driving around the complex on the go-cart.

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Mid-Winter Update

FROM THIS:          TO THIS:

Winter is half over already and time seems to be flying by. Reuben is now 8 weeks old and we are still adjusting to his arrival. He got off to a bit of a rocky start with breastfeeding and was gaining weight very slowly. Week 3 was a bit of a crisis as he lost weight but he is now latching well and making up for the lost weight. His birth weight was 6 lbs 11 oz and he is now 8 lbs 5 oz. Though he is still small, he prefers to spends most of his time in Mommy’s arms – Anna’s got great biceps!

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Welcome to Baby Reuben

Reuben at about 15 minutes old

At 5:14 pm (NZ Time) on Saturday June 7, 2008, Anna pushed Reuben Yee-Leung McCarroll into the world 10 days early. He weighed in at 3035 grams (about 6 pounds, 11 ounces). He is the fourth child, and first Son, to Peter and Anna McCarroll. His big sisters, Rachel, Rebecca and Ruth, are all excited to finally meet him.

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Ruth Turns Two

It’s hard to believe, but Ruth has now turned two. Although it seems that the “terrible twos” began months ago. She is now dangerously mobile and loves bouncing (on anything and everything) – we should call her Tigger! Her vocabulary is increasing daily as she is learning to express herself (and be understood). Her favourite phrase is “I want some” and “I watch” (referring to TV – what does this say about our parenting?). She uses a mixture of English and Cantonese words and will respond to both well. She even sings (in both languages) quite nicely. She can participate in counting up to twenty – usually by saying the alternating numbers (which we think is really amazing).

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Trip to Auckland (Aug ’07)

We were able to take a week and drive up to Auckland to see Uncle Sam (Peter’s brother) with the girls. We had a fantastic time! Following is a photo diary of our trip. To view an enlarged photo, simply click on the photo. For a description of the photo, place your mouse over the picture.

We first stopped in Ohakune so that we could stop at the bottom of Mt. Rhahupaheu and have a play in the snow. We didn’t do any skiing but the Rachel & Becky had heaps of fun making their own snowmen and snow angels – well, at least until their feet froze and then it wasn’t so fun anymore. This was their first experience of being in the snow in New Zealand. Ruth and Anna stayed behind at the motel.

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